Trem & Condition

Price Beating Policy

Customer experience is our number 1 priority. Therefore, we ensure customers get the original products and the best possible prices.

We go out of our way to ensure the lowest prices for our products. Sometimes, you may find a product to be at a slightly higher price. This may be due to factors beyond our control e.g. shortage of product.

Be Rest assured, the slight premium that you may be paying in such a scenario is a special case and enables us to deliver on our promise of quality.

Warranty Policy

The warranty of products varies based on the product categories.


All the mobile phones sold at are backed by a 1-year brand warranty unless specified.

Brand warranty is claimable at the authorized warranty center of the brand, anywhere in Pakistan.

Therefore, you don’t have to ship the product back to our warehouse or worry about getting it fixed. You can simply walk into your nearest authorized warranty center and you would be facilitated by a trained professional authorized by the brand.


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